Did Clark Kent really have a son. Well in the 1997 College stage play "My Bottom is up" Clint Kale played the role of Clint Kent, the 18 year old son of Clark Kent. Perhaps "Superman Rated X" may be on the agenda for the young actor. According to some Hollywood sources, Kale may be casting for an up and cuming off Broadway play "BOX LUNCH" however many skeptics say his part may be up for grabs. No pun intended.    Is the woman at the right really pregnant? Only her lover knows for sure. In truth Linda is an actress posing for a contraceptive ad. Although it put her in the mood during the shoot to ponder the thought of giving birth at this age.

When Port Authority's finest, 30 year, veteran Detective Lewis Maciocia , showed up at the 2nd annual tribute to the WTC, in a suit. It sent shock waves through out the Department. Even Michael the local Bar keep at Jersey City's famous Rita and Joe's restaurant got drunk. I am sure the bookies had a field day trying to cover all the bets.

Just when you thought it was safe again. He's back on the road ........"Matt Dillon may be a lot more dangerous then you think"

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